Branding for a coffee roasting and
mobile coffee business

Southern Coffee Co, a coffee roasting business based in Dorset, approached us to create a comprehensive brand identity.

Brand Design & Consultancy
Web Design & Development
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The company not only roasts high-quality coffee beans but also operates multiple coffee trailers that serve freshly brewed coffee in local parks and at events. The objective was to develop a brand that reflects Southern Coffee Co's ethos and gives it a modern, competitive edge in the coffee industry.


  • Reflect Brand Ethos: Capture the essence of Southern Coffee Co's commitment to quality and community.
  • Modern Appeal: Develop a contemporary brand identity to stand out in the competitive coffee market.
  • Consistency Across Platforms: Ensure cohesive branding across all touchpoints, including physical trailers and digital presence.
  • Engage Target Audience: Appeal to both local coffee enthusiasts and event-goers.


To meet these objectives, we embarked on a comprehensive branding project, including the creation of a full brand suite. Our process involved close collaboration with Southern Coffee Co to ensure the new brand identity accurately represented their values and goals.

  1. Research and Discovery:
    • Brand Workshops: Conducted workshops with Southern Coffee Co’s team to understand their vision, values, and target audience.
    • Market Analysis: Analyzed competitors and market trends to identify opportunities for differentiation.
    • Customer Insights: Gathered feedback from existing customers to understand their perceptions and preferences.
  2. Brand Identity Development:
    • Logo Design: Created a modern, versatile logo that embodies Southern Coffee Co’s commitment to quality and community.
    • Color Palette: Developed a distinctive color palette that conveys warmth, energy, and sophistication.
    • Typography: Selected fonts that enhance readability and add a contemporary flair to the brand.
    • Brand Guidelines: Compiled comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistent application across all media.
  3. Application and Implementation:
    • Website Design: Designed and developed a user-friendly website that showcases Southern Coffee Co’s products, services, and locations.
    • Coffee Trailer Branding: Applied the new brand identity to the coffee trailers, ensuring they are visually appealing and easily recognizable at events and parks.
    • Marketing Materials: Created branded materials such as business cards, packaging, signage, and promotional items to support marketing efforts.


  • Versatile Logo: A logo that is adaptable for various uses, from signage on coffee trailers to digital media.
  • Cohesive Visual Identity: A unified look and feel across all brand touchpoints, enhancing recognition and professionalism.
  • Engaging Website: A modern, responsive website that provides information about Southern Coffee Co’s offerings, locations, and story.
  • Eye-Catching Trailers: Branded coffee trailers that stand out in parks and at events, attracting customers and reinforcing brand presence.
  • Supporting Materials: A suite of branded materials that ensure consistency in all marketing and operational aspects.


  • Strong Brand Recognition: The new brand identity has significantly improved Southern Coffee Co’s visibility and recognition both online and offline.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Customers have responded positively to the fresh, modern look and the cohesive brand experience.
  • Increased Engagement: Enhanced brand appeal has led to increased customer engagement and foot traffic at coffee trailers.
  • Competitive Edge: The modern branding has positioned Southern Coffee Co favorably against competitors in the coffee industry.
  • Consistent Application: The comprehensive brand guidelines have ensured consistent and professional application of the brand across all platforms.


The branding project for Southern Coffee Co successfully encapsulated the company’s ethos and provided a modern, competitive edge. By delivering a full brand suite, we ensured consistency and professionalism across all touchpoints, from coffee trailers to the website. This case study highlights our expertise in creating cohesive, engaging brand identities that resonate with target audiences and support business growth.

This successful collaboration with Southern Coffee Co demonstrates our ability to deliver comprehensive branding solutions that align with our clients’ vision and goals, resulting in tangible business benefits.